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3D laser Scanning

  • Jet 3D Scan offers 3D Laser Scanning Services for those one time projects that need digitizing.
  • Just send us the part via courier and we'll do the rest OR you are welcomed at our working centre with the part.
  • 3D Scanning is the process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided (CAD) model, and for your object's geometry. This process will enable you a             complete digital representation of your part to be used for your reverse engineering efforts, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.             gineering or support staff.
  • With a user-friendly orientation, our 3D scanning capabilities ensures the ability to produce high quality, high accuracy scans. Because we know that you are serious             about your work, Jet 3D Scan offers an extensive line of 3D laser scanners that will work wherever you need them to. Thousands of units later, our 3D scanners are living             up to their reputation of reliability and versatility.
  • The 3D Scanner Line-up incorporates a product line of 3D laser scanners suited to various applications and tasks. To better understand which one would cater to your             needs, feel free to speak to one of our engineering or support staff.