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3D Scanning for Heritage Conservation

In today’s era, the relevance and need of conserving heritage and archaeology site is increasing tremendously. Specifically, the places which hold some artistic or heritage value needs extra care as well as highly accurate technology and comprehensive documentation on regular basis.

The 3D laser scanner technology has provided the advanced technology for surveying and documenting the heritage sites precisely without damaging its original structure or environment. The laser scanner like Faro provides immensely easy and useful way to accurately survey and document the spatial information of heritage sites and share it via different mediums like Internet. This data can be accessible to the wide range of audiences to study and other purposes. The 3D laser scanners can accurately create the same images as the site by using a digital camera and advanced laser scanners which create a point cloud of scanned heritage or excavation site and create an accurate 3D image. The point cloud can be documented as CAD models easily.

Benefits Of Using 3D Laser Scanner For Heritage Conservation :

  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Fast and reliable virtual copy creation
  • Highly accurate information and 3D documentation

Complex structure 3D imaging and modeling with fingertips.

3D laser scanning provides integrated tools and highly advanced technology to make Heritage property and site conservation and surveying easy and accurate.