Who We are

At Jet 3D scan we are innovative, passionate and determined to unveil the path of 3D arena with endless opportunities. We provide service in area of 3D scanning, reverse engineering, Product development, manufacturing and Engineering solutions that enable clients to achieve desired outcomes. We thrive to comprehend our client's difficulties and compile all ideas to provide best solutions that can empower industry to conclude to a firm and accurate decision. Having worked with variety of companies, from various industries, we have gained an understanding of the market demands required in research and development, product development, and manufacturing. Our suite of solutions has been carefully selected to ensure that you can meet these demands, while positioning your business for sustainable growth and a competitive advantage.

Our Solutions Includes: 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing, CNC Programming, Mould/Die Design, Rapid Prototyping, , Direct Digital Manufacturing , and 3D CAD Design.



Jet 3D Scan is determined to provide unparalleled world-class 3D services that increase potential for higher productivity, best quality at competitive capital. Jet 3D Scan helps manufacturing industry to achieve desired turnaround times. At Jet 3D Scan, we always THRIVE – Thoughtful to client's requirements; Hardworking to achieve desired quality; Results driven to deliver promised outcome; Innovative to re-invent our self to help client achieve fastest service, best quality and profitability; Valued to gain customer's recognition and trust; Engage ourselves in being Thoughtful, Hardworking, Results driven, Innovative and Valued.