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3D Printing

Jet 3D Scan offers 3D printing services utilizating several different technologies.Our services are based on the solution that will produce the desired results.Our 3D printing services have variety of benefits.

  • Create prototype that looks, feels, and functions like the end material.
  • Over Moulding and double injection replicate the mechanical and physical properties of the end use part.
  • 3D print builds can be left overright to maximize effeciency.
  • Office friendly,so your production and design do not require separate areas.Makes communication between product development teams more efficient.
  • 3D print rubber the materials as well as plastics ,and digital combination or both.
  • Eliminate the need to spend money and time for the assembly of different parts made from different types of materials.
  • Uses the protopolymer model and support materials from Object which allows a wide variety of mechanical and physical properties.as well as easy support removal.
  • 3D printed parts have clean surface finishes, with outstanding quality and accuracy.